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Yeah I hate to read also, that's why we use a lot of videos, audio and fun ways to read like in flip books.  So check out this quick 2 min or so video on how we can help your businesses P&L's bottom lined.

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Attention Keller Williams Agents

How Would you like to learn more about KW Command & branding yourself.  Tired of calling expireds?  How about a new way to lead generate?

Hey Local Service Providers

What is your unique selling proposition? Why should a client use your services over someone else's? Don’t have a good answer? We do, join us to learn!

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You know real estate, we know digital marketing & business building.  So let's share information, join your community for FREE today!

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With competition everywhere, sales harder to make, grow your bottom line with digital marketing.  What do ya got to lose? Besides your business!

What the heck is this site about?

Welcome To Your New Favorite Business Training Community!

Here At Profit Beacon, Our Aim is simple, to provide the best information on the latest ways to build your brandmarket your brand & consult your brand!  We provide the best digital marketing strategies that local small businesses, Real Estate Agents, & Insurance Agents can use to drive leads and hit your sales goals.  We are proudly supported by Auggie Diaz Senior Internet Marketing Consultant @  

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This is a packed digital magazine that helps real estate agents understand and implement the latest in digital marketing strategies.  You can learn all about SEO, Content Marketing, Pay Ad's, Social Ad's and more.  Each month you will find a new and information packed edition  

Profit Beacon.

Your Online Real Estate Digital Magazine  

Gordon Coyle Owner of The Coyle Group.

"Some people may say I'm particular, some may say I'm a pain in the you know what, but Auggie never wavered from delivering first class service, great advice, detailed explanations, and great edits every time I called or emailed him"

Joseph Heilner Principal Director Of 3 Paul Mitchell Schools.

"I have been extremely impressed with Ask8 both in results and in process. They are collaborative experts that care about driving results for their clients."

Full Service Learning Center.

Profit Beacon is your one stop shop for learning all about lead generating & branding by using the latest in digital marketing techniques.  We provide this by informative in blog post, video post, audio post, & infographics.  All this information if ready for your to take in by signing up for free and accessing it in our forums and groups.

Coming Soon, you will be able to access Profit Beacons digital courses that will provide classes on various topics for Keller Williams agents, Real Estate Agents, & local businesses on information you need to expand your digital business skills & learn how to Make Your Business Profitable.  After All We are Profit Beacon.     


Your Community Overview

The purpose of our community is to provide you with a place where you can get answers to your local business digital marketing needs.  I am sure you have no clue what SEO is, or why you need social media, best ways to use paid advertising, why content is king and content marketing is one of the ways to go, and why video marketing is so important for 2020 and beyond.  Let's see what more we can do to help your business grow:

  1. 1
    Keller Williams Agents:  Congrats on KW Command, it's a powerful branding tool, if you know how to use it.  We do, our lead consultant here in Profit Beacon is a the Tech Advisor to Keller Williams Realty Gold Coast, he teaches all of their agents on the latest digital marketing ideas and KW Command.  How would you like him to help you?
  2. 2
    All Other Real Estate Agents:  let's face it,  many of you are using old lead generating methods and afraid of learning more about digital marketing.  You are in the digital age!  Your largest demographic are millennials, and you are still thinking Facebook is digital marketing.  Let's show you new ways to get seller & buyers leads!
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    Services Providers You will learn how.... The Digital marketing world has so much that can help your business grow.  All you need to do is embrace it, learn how to use it and watch the leads and sales flow in.    Content marketing can make your the expert in your field, social media can spread the word about you & We Can Show Your How!
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    Retail stores you can drive... Sales into your stores & keep them loyal with a digital marketing plan. Social Media can help with loyalty & growth, e-commerce can add a extra revenue stream, did you know you can sell on Facebook now?  There's more we can teach ya.  We have the guy that can help you , Auggie Diaz 25+ year veteran of retail.  

Who The Heck is Auggie Diaz? & What's an Auggie lol?

Auggie Diaz  //  Senior Consultant For & Profit Beacon

Hi I am Auggie, and I have helped businesses grow their bottom lines for 25 to 30 years now.  I am not going to bore you to death with all the crap I know, but I am really good at Jeopardy lol.  

Please take a quick moment and click the video to learn a bit about me and who I have helped.  Once you can see what inside of my head,  (wow that would be scary) you will learn that my passion in life is to help and teach.  

So let's build a community founded in knowledge, networking and building profit for our businesses.   

All The Best To Your Success Auggie Diaz

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​"I was so excited for my new logo and the website turned out better than I had imagined. Auggie and his team were a pleasure to work with. I recommend them to anyone or company(big or small) needing to build an internet presence."

Michael Gunzer Owner of Gunzer Electric 

"Couldn't be happier with the whole process and the end result. I have recommended their services to many of my friends and associates"

Profit Beacon digital magazine also comes in a local business format!

Profit Beacon is a monthly digital magazine that has a ton of bottom line building ideas to help local businesses.  We publish it monthly in cool flipbook formate.  All you have to do to access it if Join Our Community and Register for free today!

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get at least one idea on how to market yourself or your business using digital marketing, then we will refund all of the Free registration fees you paid.  Which was nothing lol.  See because it's free to sign up.  lol OK,  I am not that funny but I try so give a brother a break.

You have nothing to lose but knowledge to gain I hope to see ya inside  

Agustin "Auggie" Diaz

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