3 Popular Misconceptions About Social Video Marketing

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3 Popular Misconceptions About Social Video Marketing

Social Video Marketing is a new and growing area of online marketing, and as such, there is some misinformation floating around on the internet. This article will discuss three of the more popular misconceptions surrounding social video marketing.

“I need thousands of dollars in software and equipment!”

No. You likely have most everything you need already, just by virtue of being online. Computer? Check. Webcam? Check. Product knowledge? Check. That’s all you need to make basic social videos for marketing your business, whether your main offering is a service or a product (or both).

Can you spend thousands of dollars on fancy cameras, lighting equipment, video editing software, and more? Of course. But you don’t need that to get started. You can start with basic, “homemade” videos and grow from there as your budget, experience, and confidence grow.

“Social video marketing is only for the BIG GUYS”

Again, no. Social video marketing is a tool, a concept, a pathway to get you from low sales to higher sales. Also to increase customer engagement. To increase brand awareness. To gain new clients. Essentially, it’s a marketing tool, which can be used for the same purposes as any other marketing tool. No matter what your budget is, no matter your sales levels, this tool can be used to get the word out and raise awareness for your business. Just like the “new tools” from the original social media revolution – Twitter, Facebook, etc. – video marketing can be used by just about anyone.

“Video marketing won’t work for my business because my audience doesn’t watch videos”

Nonsense. Humans are programmed to pay attention to things that are unusual in their field of vision – it’s a survival instinct. So, by default, your audience is programmed to watch videos. Your job is to make them interesting, relevant, helpful, and informative. Also, if you’ve been paying attention, more and more of the content found online is video. Article marketing used to be the “big thing” but now, increasingly, video marketing is where the eyeballs are – literally. Part of this trend is the sharp rise in the use of smartphones. People (not just adults!) are more mobile, more rushed, more prone to watch a video when they are waiting for something or someone, simply because their smartphones are with them constantly, and the always-on connection to the internet allows them to entertain themselves at the drop of a hat.

Make sure that your entertaining and informative videos are there for them when they need something to watch.

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