Before You Hire an SEO Agency, Take These Tips from Google

So, you are looking to attract more potential visitors to your website, and increase your rankings on the Google search results, but not sure where to start. Well, then you must take your time to answer this important question – Should you hire an internet marketing agency new york or do it yourself? 

Optimizing your website for the search engines can be an overwhelming process. But, it does not have to be, if you work with a qualified SEO consultant NYC or agency. They can deploy the best SEO practices and facilitate the improvement on your website’s rankings.

If you are looking to hire an SEO service provider, then you must take your time to view Google’s recent video on How to Hire an SEO by Maile Ohye, the Developer Programs Tech Lead, where she narrates the various factors that companies should look into before hiring an SEO service provider. This blog shadows on the tips offered by Google, and discusses the main factors that should be taken care of when hiring a   local SEO NYC consultant.

Conduct an interview

When you are looking to work with a consultant, it is very important to have crystal clear conversations on your business goals and the results you are anticipating out of the SEO process. During the interview, don’t just focus on the rankings, instead look into how the SEO consultant can assist your business. They should be more interested in your business and should probably ask the least of these questions –

  1. What is the Unique Selling proposition that makes your business or service unique and appreciated to customers?
  2. How does your customer discover your website currently/every time?
  3. How does business generate profits, and by what means can the Search Engine results help?
  4. What additional social channels are you making use of?
  5. Details of competitors, and their functioning online and offline.

If the SEO provider is not analyzing your business from a holistic perspective, then don’t do business with them. Because, it is hard to accomplish the SEO goals without understanding the customer’s goals and present marketing efforts. This partnership must be of mutual benefit to both the parties.

Ask for References

During your interview with the local SEO NYC consultant, you might ask the right questions, and receive the most convincing answers from the SEO professionals. But, it can still prove to be difficult to measure the performance of the agency with just an interview. So, ask the current clients details from them for a reference. This will help you to gauge the ability of the agency, the effectiveness of their SEO strategies and measure how they deal with the customers. A reputed SEO service provider sincerely stays attentive about your business and not just focuses on gaining high ranks.                                                                                                                             

Request for a Technical and Search Audit

If you are convinced or trust your SEO candidate, offer them a restricted access of your Google Search Console data and analytics data. Before you could fully handover your website to them, it is wise to have them conduct a technical SEO audit and give you a list of improvements they could suggest for your website. Don’t be surprised if some companies offer this audit for free or have a fee based audit. Just keep in mind, that free audits are rarely detailed as the paid audits.  In case, if you run a business which is bigger in size, you can hire multiple SEOs to run the trial audits and highlight on the improvements. Analyze carefully into what each agency has to say, and choose the best one who could work the best.

What should be the Audit Structure?

The audit structure should include the following

  • The issue identified in the audit should be mentioned in detail, if it is a paid audit. If it is a free audit, then the details can be scant.
  • The SEO consultant must suggest the ways of improving or rectifying the issue that was identified during the audit process.
  • You might have seen that some SEO audits just cover the research and diagnosis. But, when you work with a developer, they will let you solve the issues based on the findings. There are some SEO agencies that address the findings, without going to an outside developer.
  • Most issues mentioned in the audit might not have must impact over your business, like boosting the rankings for your targeted keywords, that is supposed to give you an estimated number of traffic and conversions. The SEO candidate must be able to provide you with a valid reason as to what benefits will your business or website receive.
  • Audits must be carried out at regular intervals to optimize the campaign and to have an edge over the competitors. You are more likely to witness restatements and improvements, in the ongoing campaign. These tend to go in par with the keywords and improve as your progress. Don’t be shocked if it is not covered in the primary audit.

Select the Best SEO service provider

After reading this article, you should have now come out with a clear winner. The agency that you choose should be an organization that you feel confident about. Moreover, they must know what needs to be done, and should have the ability to do things within the specified timeframe and offers affordable prices. Once after you hire your SEO provider puts your plan into action and brings a real difference to your business. Make sure that your business has the sufficient manpower resources and finances to execute your plan.

The plan to finding the right SEO provider is straight from Google. These are the crucial elements to check when hiring an SEO company. It will allow you to find and hire the best SEO for your business, helping your business with more qualified leads! So, always, hire a professional SEO agency that helps you earn good revenue for your organization.

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