The new system will prevent the shot from becoming identical

The new system will prevent the shot from becoming identical

The proStick expert rocker shooting system that had a challenging level of Cheap 2K MT difficulty in the first episode was found it difficult to master, even the cover character Dame. Of course, the manufacturer considered the opinions of players and adapted a brand new shooting system to “NBA 2K22” and said that it might be among the past 2K.

The best shooting experience! The shooting meter in the game has been changed to an upright design that is easier to read and an aiming zone that is dynamically resized is also added. If the player makes an extremely high-quality shot (perfect timing/interference level-large gap) the aiming range of the shot gauge will be bigger the next time the shot is taken, making it much easier to score.

If the shot is severely stressed or disturbed, this area is reduced so that players must carefully consider each shot. The new system will prevent the shot from becoming identical. Players must be focused to find gaps and grasp the shot with a good timing. have a better hit rate than players who forcefully shot in the flanking direction, which test the basketball player’s wisdom!

In the new generation of “NBA 2K22” the timing button is designed for an Alley-Oop aerial relay as well as the bottleneck effort. If the player is passing the ball that is used for air relays in mid-air. The player must to press and release the shooting button (X) after a predetermined time period to finish the shot in the air.

If the player presses too soon or too in the middle, they will be in a state of exhaustion or will not be able to receive the pass. In this episode, brand new elements were also added within this particular episode. In addition to pressing the shot button, to Best place to buy MT 2K22 activate the standard shot, simply press and hold the accelerator and push down the rocker for experts (R lever) to trigger more enjoyable and powerful Aggressive skill dunks.