You can enter Arposandra and run over the Glouphrie mage

You can enter Arposandra and run over the Glouphrie mage

This part is the most exciting part. You will need to OSRS Gold bring powerful melee weapons as Wyvoch will fight you once more. Prayer is not 100% efficient. Talk to the gnome soldiers, who await your arrival in the sewer dungeon. They will knock at the door. You can enter Arposandra and run over the Glouphrie mage, then go to the Temple in the center of Arposandra. It will appear as an opening, and witness a frightening cutscene involving Glouphrie, Lucien, the Red Axe Co., and Lucien.


Glouphrie, are you certain that, on top If I channel correctly, I’ll be capable of absorbing Seren’s strength, Glouphrie? Yes. Your destiny is soon fulfilled, Lucien. Make sure you target Priffdinas by casting the magic spell. Don’t hurry, some intrusions have been observed and I would not deny our army the pleasure of taking them down. (Lucien quits; the vase next to Glouphrie disappears, which is an illusion, and someone emerges.)


It took too long. He would not leave, I thought. But, dealing with such people requires a certain amount of manners. We learned this from these records. Of course. That old diary led you to see the greatness of the dragonkin. Eventually, your dealings led you to me and I led you to the dragonkin.


I didn’t think that dwarves could be able to reason with the Mithril Dragons. It turns out that there was a second version of the documents. However, I’m eager to see Lucien’s face as he discovers the little gift we’ve made for him. Yes, Nesazi has been asked to take care of that. Then, [your name] is able to end the practice of hiding from us.


How did you get to know? Oh come now, surely you didn’t believe that one of RuneScape 2007 Gold the less powerful creatures could trick me did you? I wonder if it was a Gnome Magistre? My apprentice Glouph and I were the only two. No matter, you would be weak without a doubt. So, you do exist. They have been helping Lucien! Ha! You’re helping Lucien? You don’t seem to have as much information as we thought you did.