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  • Book of Travels been built around a design imperative

  • rodeoneerer

    May 20, 2021 at 2:23 am

    Developer Might & Delight is working on what they call a TMORPG (tiny multiplayer online role-playing game) titled Book of Travels.

    While your typical MMORPG offers a large-scale questline for players to take on with their friends Book of Travels takes a different approach in its storytelling. The game focuses on the journey and not the destination as players meet up with new travelers along the way and create their own stories in this world.

    “I feel as though this is a project that lends itself very well to engaging with our community,” Tuchten says. “We see ourselves a bit like a dungeon master. We want to emulate what the community wants taking into account what secrets they like the direction of the game and which story lines they react to. We want to tailor the game’s future to both match that and to also challenge perceptions people have in the game.”

    To that end Book of Travels been built around a design imperative not to push players too firmly in one direction; there’s an overarching narrative but the story content sort of exists in the background as opposed to forming a central pillar of the experience.

    Most of your time is spent ambling around in a journey of discovery interacting with NPCs crafting and generally role-playing as you please. You can even pop into teahouses to sip on a local brew and soak in the ambiance!

    This experience seems to ride on if players will want to be a part of this world. However seeing the game’s graphics and environments from the brief trailers and screenshots shows off some really cool areas.

    It’s not often a game gives you the opportunity to embody the archetype of a wanderer but Might and Delight seem to have hit all the right notes with Book of Travels. The studio plans on releasing a small part of the world in Early Access sometime next year and then slowly opening up the world piece by piece.

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