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  • Lost Ark’s most efficient methods for harvesting Harmony Shards

  • Catherine Kane

    February 25, 2022 at 3:26 am

    Having reached level 50 in Lost Ark, you’re beginning to explore new mechanics like honing gear and faceting stones. Gear that has been fine-tuned over time is your best buddy and worst enemy, depending on how many times upgrades fail.

    Throughout the hone process, Harmony Shards are a vital resource. If your gear level is high, you’ll have a much lesser probability of succeeding at the higher levels. While your alts can farm a lot of crystals for your main account, Harmony Shards aren’t something you can transfer, so you may run out of them before you reach Tier Two.

    Here are the best methods for obtaining Harmony Shards in Lost Ark gold (https://www.utplay.com/lost-ark-gold).

    Farming methods that are the most efficient Quests for Harmony Shards on the Island

    The Island Quests are essential for the endgame experience, even if repeatable tasks are your bread and butter for obtaining Honing materials. Staying in North Vern and doing your everyday responsibilities may seem like the best option, but you’ll be losing out on a slew of benefits if you do.

    As well as farming Harmony Shards, Island Quests can be used to obtain Virtue points and currency, unlock new content utilizing Songs, and learn more about the game. List of Island Quests to complete:

    The Isle of Peace

    A. Toto Silver

    The island of liberty is called Freedom Isle

    The Den of Blackfang

    An Island in the Peyto River

    “Lullaby Island”


    Panda Island is located on the Starlight Isle.

    Island of the Dreamgulls (Foret’s Minuet is necessary)

    Island of the Golden Waves

    Island of White Waves


    Infernal Island

    It may take some time to finish them all, but you only have to do it once, and the rewards are well worth the effort. Toto Silver, the beginning of the Starlight Isle quests, Dreamgull Island, White Wave Island, and Shadow Island, for example, are the quickest to finish if you don’t want to go through all of them at this time.

    The East side of Arkesia has all of those islands, since the West side will be sealed until you achieve a specific average item level.

    Getting your daily tasks done

    A new set of daily activities is assigned at 11 a.m. local time each day. Two Guardian Raids (and remember to collect their souls), two Chaos Dungeons, and three Una’s Tasks can be completed per day. On Thursdays after the reset, there are further Weekly assignments that can be completed for additional rewards. It’s best to save those Weekly chores for when you’ve reached Tier Two rather than taking them now if you’ll be there in a few days.

    Once daily activities and Island Quests are accomplished, if you still need Harmony Shards, you can run more Chaos Dungeons on your main character, but you won’t earn as many prizes so it won’t be very time-efficient.

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