How Do You Create A Marketing Strategy For A Video in 2020?

YouTube is the #1 purchase-driver on social.” (Animoto)

Brands can no longer be endorsed using written content and images alone. It has become boring and unattractive for the consumers who are exposed to live streaming, interactive videos, and more. According to Wyzowl, “84% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website.” This demonstrates the importance of video marketing. Even most brands have started realizing the value of video marketing and are investing in producing videos and its distribution.

While this is great news for those who are already producing videos, it also emphasizes that you will have to face more competition in this area than before. It is obvious that marketers are sure to face some struggle to gain engagement from the videos as the industry grows to be saturated. 

Here are some of trends as proposed by the experts from local SEO NYC, which you should be taking into account for video marketing.

  • Personalized Videos –According to com, “72% of consumers will only engage with personalized marketing messages, despite 86% being concerned about data privacy.” Hence most local SEO NYC experts are using personalization as the key strategy in their video marketing approach, as it helps connect with the audience by providing tailored experiences. Not just this, personalization also allows you to stand out from the crowd and offer the customers a reason to buy your products, and address their requirements.

Advantages of Personalized Videos

  1. You can offer precise solutions to the consumer’s requirements
  2. Help the customers make a purchase decision, thereby saving a lot of their time
  3. The brand gets registered in the minds of the customers, and helps them recognize your brand easily when they shop

Moreover customers demand that they look forward to interactive videos of the products/services they are interested in, as it helps them with the purchase decision.  Though personalized videos have been in trend for a while now, the increased demand by the consumer makes it more important for 2020.

  • Data Driven Approach–“One Size never fits all.” Hence a data driven approach is essential to ensure that you target the right audience for your brand. Only the right message at the right time will gear your business towards increased engagement and conversion. This is the reason, why this approach is gaining more importance in 2020.

Advantages of Data Driven Approach

  1. This approach allows the marketers to have a better understand of what strategy works and what not works, when it comes to videos.
  2. Besides, it will also help decide on the best platform, and who should be targeted.
  3. Improves the video marketing ROI

Analyzing the data will provide you with valuable insights that can help your strategy with production and more effectiveness.The data-driven approachprovides focus, helps segment the audience and allows personalization.

  • Long Videos – It is very hard to keep the human attention focused for a long time. Most marketers followed this concept and produced short-form videos, which has started facing set back. This perspective might change in 2020. While there is no denying of the fact that short videos are easy to use and upload, especially on the social channels, they fail to connect personally with the audience. Short videos are not memorable to the audience.

According to, “80% of videos that were under five minutes in length, failed to drive the audience engagement. Whereas, the videos that were about 15 minutes and longer helped create about 50% audience engagement.” Lengthy videos convey a strong story, which lets an audience remember, and educate the other audience on the products, thereby creating a brand value.

Most marketers are still under the impression that only short videos work, but the real fact is consumers crave for stories, and marketers can satiate them with their narrative and creative content which is more than five minutes in duration. The rise of long videos is one of the key changes that can be anticipated in 2020.

  • Growth of 360-degree videos–Virtual reality experience through the smart devices and VR headsets is a great trend that is on the rise. People are interested in viewing a 360-degree video rather than watching the same video in the traditional way. Then, it is no wonder that 360-degree videos are certain to get more popular 2020.According to a study conducted by BusinessWire, “360-degree videos create about 7% upsurge in buying intent, while helping the particular brand to stand out from the crowd. Also, there was 12% increase in the trust that the brand is narrating a unique story.” This study has confirmed that 360-degree Videos can help bring in a greater ROI than the traditional videos.Brands are more likely to embrace this new experience as it offers increased brand awareness and engagement.
  • Integrating Video across Marketing Funnels – Based on the fact that video is one of the most powerful tools of marketing, it requires various strategies to make the videos to turn out successful as it could be. It is a nice to have tool rather than requirement. Video helps inspire the audience behaviors. This is one good reason, which insists on the need of integrating videos across the marketing funnels.

Advantages of integrating videos across marketing funnels

  1. Videos can be used at any stage of the marketing funnel, and across different platforms
  2. It makes the customer journey smooth and short
  3. Videos explain brand values and provide more details on the products and services.

Most SEO consultant NYC mentions that implementing videos at the brand awareness stage can help attract more audience to the website. Studies confirm that, “93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media.”It is also proved to help nurture the brands, especially when integrated with emails. They help increase the click-through rate. Videos are an engaging way of addressing the USP of the products or services, which helps convert the leads into customers. So, it is no wonder that videos can be seen popping up in the brand’s marketing funnels.

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