Is Social Video Marketing Right for Your Business?

Video Marketing Right for Your Business

In a word, YES. Video Marketing is right for your business, With astonishingly few exceptions. Whether your business is online or offline, whether your target audience is consumers, business owners, or academics, whether your audience is limited to one city, one country or is international, you can use social video marketing to increase your sales, your reach, your brand awareness, and your profits.

It doesn’t matter if your annual sales are five, six, seven figures, or more. It doesn’t matter if you have one employee or one thousand employees. If you are selling to a customer, you can use the viral power of social video to enhance your business.

The keys to making an effective video marketing campaign are to grab the interest of the viewer, hold on to that interest until your message is delivered, and strive to make the video interesting or quirky enough that they feel compelled to share it. You don’t need to have Hollywood-style production values to make a successful video. Many of the most successful marketing videos are simply a person talking in front of a whiteboard. If you are shy and don’t want to appear in your video, you can have animated whiteboard videos made for you; these are proven effective in engaging the viewer and retaining their interest.

Now, from all these examples, it may seem as though social video can do anything. Well, almost. Even as magical as social video can be, it does have its limitations. You can’t really send out samples through video, nor can you have potential customers smell or taste anything. But with well-chosen video and carefully crafted copy, you can get around these limitations to deliver a knockout punch of a sales message through video. And the customer interaction doesn’t necessarily stop when the video ends, either. As the above example, you could include a strong Call To Action to nudge them in the direction of requesting a sample, or other appropriate action.

Video even works for local offline businesses – think restaurants or landscaping companies. A restaurant can show their best dishes, and the ambiance of the dinner service; possibly mini-interviews with satisfied diners. Anything that a television commercial (remember those?) can do, social video can do – and probably better, with the specific targeting available on most ad platforms.

The new wave of marketing is video marketing – video marketing that not only sells, informs, and educates, but begs to be shared and shown to friends, family, and acquaintances.

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