Real Estate Marketing – Simple Ways to Earn Traffic & Leads

Real Estate Marketing - Simple Ways to Earn Traffic & Leads

If you are a realtor, it is important to maintain a pipeline of quality leads. You might be overflowed with clients at times, but what would be the situation when there is a fluctuation in the market? So, you need to be equipped with the resource of fresh lead-gathering tactics.

We are living in a digital world where the buyers are accessing apps that lets them search by location and regions. There are many online listings that offer virtual tours for the potential home buyers to narrow down their search and save their time. Online searches increase the ability to compare between the various properties available in the market according to select features. Here are a few simple ways to earn potential traffic and leads with Real Estate Marketing –

Build a Professional Website & Listing Page

Most consumers today do the basic work of finding properties by themselves. According to a research, about 44% of home buyers begin their house hunt by looking online. Even for renting properties, they make use of Google search and maps, to find which business are within the area, look at the photos of property, ideally they take a virtual tour of the property. So, it is important to ensure that your business is available online, with all the necessary information, great photos, and easy to access Google maps. If you require help with constructing a professional website get in touch with the experts at real estate marketing agency New York.

Get Social

Make sure that you have social media accounts for your realty business on almost all big networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Take a lot of snap shots of the property and post them on these social channels. This will share good press, create a lot of customer engagement and promote your properties. Don’t miss to add the social sharing buttons on the properties, as it will make it easy for the home buyers to share the properties online and get in touch with you for business. Real estate branding New York can help you deal with the latest social trends and help you stay ahead of the competitors.

Target Local Keywords

Researchers suggest that about 69% of the buyers begin their research with a local keyword phrase. If you are realtor who is servicing multiple cities and regions, add the main focus city and from there build out silos that indicate other areas. Incorporate these local keywords in all your webpages by weaving them into your content, so that it attracts the search engine signals, and appears in the searches of the prospective buyer. As you build your website and improve your business you can add more competitive keyword phrases and you could step on to make a more targeted approach.

Mobile-first Strategy

According to the Google Update in 2018, it penalizes the websites that do not hold good mobile interfaces. So make sure that your website is compatible with all the devises and browsers. Also take care that all the buttons and the links are active and easy to operate from the mobile device too. Finally, ensure that the page loads faster on the mobile devices. 

Embrace AMP Technology

It is important for your website to load faster and perform at the suggested speed. Page speed is not just an SEO ranking factor but also an important element that enhances maximum user experience. Users are not willing to wait for more than three seconds on your page to complete loading. One best way to enhance the page loading speed of your website it to include AMP technology. It is a coding language that is designed to better the page speed and get rid of any problems that hampers the loading times.

Get Listed In Online Real Estate Directories

List your business on the reputed online real estate directories like Trulia, Zillow, Houzz etc. This is because, they are easy to access and acts as a great source of information where the buyer can get to know about a property. These listings allow browsing of photos of the property at a breeze. Also, they have great mobile apps, which allow a convenient property search.  Don’t miss to claim the listings in those online directories and link them to your listings to boost your real estate SEO to boost the rankings. 

Take Advantage of VR, Video, and Photos

About 50% of the home buyers look for a virtual tour on your website. So, it is essential to add sharp photos, 3D virtual tours and quality videos about the property to grab the attention of more customers. According to a research about 51% of the home buyers stated that YouTube is their favorite video research platform. Now you know the importance of using quality images and videos for your business.

Write Interesting Blog Posts

Content is Always King. One of the best ways to influence the search engines is to write niche specific blog posts about the properties you’re selling and about the local real estate market. Keep in mind that the blog posts are informative and engaging and not just to drive in sales.

Create your Google My Business Page

This is one of the front-line additions to the Google location-based pages. It is similar to the Google Places for Businesses. Creating a Google My Business account makes it easy to find your business in Google searches. But make sure to optimize it precisely with the latest information.

Ask for Testimonials from Clients

Testimonials are incredible trust signals, as live people endorse your business. When a home buyer has a great experience with your service, you can reach out to them and ask for a testimonial. Place these testimonials strategically on your website and share them on your social networks.

Paid Advertising

Paid ads are not only a cheaper option, but it gives the real estate agents a great opportunity to generate quality leads for real estate. It is important because exposure is important in internet marketing agency New York. With paid ads, you know in what stage your target audience is at the buying or selling process. Also, paid ads are less expensive than the print ads. If you want to generate real estate leads using paid ads, make sure that you have a clear cut digital marketing strategy in place. 

If you are a realtor who is new to online marketing, then you’ll probably require some extra guidance. Feel free to get in touch with us to check out the latest trends in real estate marketing. We’ll be glad to help you out!

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