SEO Everyday Routine – Important Tasks to Complete Daily

SEO Everyday Routine

It is a customary belief that SEO is a ‘One time’ task where you just have to eliminate all the bad links, optimize the website, and then it is done. No! You are wrong. There is so much to do with SEO.  Especially, if you are managing a business, you must spend a lot of time on your SEO every day. Here are a few impactful SEO routine tasks, which you should try to work on a daily basis to keep your SEO intact.

Before delving into the topic, it is good to understand, that you cannot achieve instant results in SEO. It requires a lot of research, long term strategy and efforts, with integrated SEO tasks that will help you get hold of the bigger picture.

Organic SEO requires a lot of work, but it’ll yield good results in the end!

Keep Your Content Fresh and Up-To-Date:

Content is an important factor that will help with your ranks. Hence, it is very important that you regularly add in new content and revive your existing content with up-to-date statistical figures or facts. Writing new content or updating the already existing content is something which you must consider as a part of your everyday SEO optimization. You can also include this strategy to your social media platforms, where you must add-in new contents. This will help build your business image, and form trust on your business among your client base.

Try to create realistic contents that your audience will love and look forward to it. Also, if you get comments on your blog posts, reply to the commenters. When you reply, your audience will feel valued and it will help to build your audience base. Furthermore, remove any duplicate contents that exist on your website, as it will be considered spammy by Google. SEO consultant NYC helps create engaging and informative contents that convert.

Investigate the navigation & UX factors:

Make sure that the website’s architecture and design is easy to navigate and consistent across all webpages. When your audience visit your website, it is necessary that it is easy to click and they reach their required page. So, always check if your website is easy to navigate.

Build Good Internal Linking Structure:

As your website continues to grow, it is important that you concentrate on building your internal link structure too. Also, watch out if your website has any orphaned content which does not attract any links, as it is a waste of time having such content on the website. If you are finding difficult to find out the orphaned content on your website, Yoast plugin is here to help you out. With the help of this plugin, you just have to use the filters to locate the orphaned content and build relevant links. The New York SEO expert, companies make use of a number of tools that helps locate the performing and non-performing contents easily, thereby saving a lot of time and money for their customers.

Another important task to add to your daily SEO routine is to link to your cornerstone content. It is the core of your website, which consists of the best and the most important articles on your website, which you are looking to rank high in the search engines. So, you must consider adding links to the relevant cornerstone content when updating and publishing articles.

Responsive Design:

It is a priority to have a mobile responsive website. This is because, now days, more searches take place on mobile than on a desktop. Thus, make sure that your website looks good and easy to operate on small screen also. You don’t want to send your traffic to a poorly optimized website, which will bounce the customers, right. At times due to various plugin updates or any optimizations, your mobile view might become disordered. So, keep a track of your mobile responsive design also.

Monitor your Google Analytics:

This is a very important task to carry out on a daily basis. In fact, this is the first thing to begin your everyday SEO tasks. Only if you understand the analytics, from which page did  your audience reach you out, for which keyword, from which location, what did they look for etc., you will be able to devise better strategy that will help create better strategy that will help your website get indexed quickly and for accurate keywords.

Keyword Research:

Understanding which keywords to target and devise the strategy is an essential task of the SEO routine. Also, you must check on which page your website is ranking on the search engines using the various tools, and analyze the competitors ahead of you that are using the same keywords.

Work on your Technical SEO:

Some SEO tasks require a lot of time and expertise, so it is not necessary that it needs to be a part of your everyday activity, but you must pay attention to them on a regular basis. Out of them, the initial step is to keep the size of the images on the website at the set standards to help keep your website function fast. The digital marketing agency New York recommends making use of tools like JPEGmini, ImageOptim or to adjust the size of your images. 

Stay Active on Social Media:

Most customers are active on social media these days and they look forward to get their required details through social media. So, it is very important that you regularly post updates and stay active on social media. You can also share your recently published blog posts, images of your business, products, services, events etc., or anything that will appeal your customers. You know your audience better, so post contents that they will like. While you are busy at posting updates, don’t miss to interact with your audience. Keep replying to the comments of your audience on the social media pages, this will keep them engaged, and make them feel special.

That’s it! Keep working on these on a routine basis and you are sure to keep your website’s SEO in great shape. And don’t forget that these are just a few of the SEO strategies, and you need to invest a lot of time into your long term SEO strategy to reap a good ROI. If you don’t have the time, get the help of a SEO Consultant NYC for a sustainable approach.

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