Tips to Schedule a Virtual Tour during COVID -19

Tips to Schedule a Virtual Tour during COVID -19

COVID – 19 is changing the world and our approach towards technology. The pandemic is reshaping the global business environment with the UN anticipating that the crisis will result in a $1 trillion hit to the world economy this year. As with every sector, the pandemic has caused the real estate market to slow down. With social distancing in full effect, open houses are suspended, and real estate professionals are searching for new ways to keep their businesses moving forward. Even though virtual 3D tours aren’t a new concept, they are gaining a lot of traction now. According to a recent research report, there is a 191% increase in the creation of 3D home tours in the past three months. It’s also estimated that real estate listings that utilize video marketing receive 403% more inquiries than those without video. So, if you haven’t included virtual tours to your real estate marketing in NYC, now is the right time to start.

Open Houses and Showings after COVID – 19

During the first phase of COVID – 19, the real estate agents organized open houses and showings armed with bottles of hand sanitizers and disinfectants. But, when social distancing became a great necessity, many agents and sellers started canceling open houses and showings. This affected the regions where real estate has been deemed as an essential business. The outbreak indicated that the businesses might not be proceeding as usual, and the agents were pushed into a situation to find alternatives to show their listings.

Virtual Tour for Real Estate

A virtual home tour is similar to an in-person showing but allows homeowners to shop for homes while staying at home. The request for a video tour has increased four-fold over the past few months. The accuracy and professional quality of 3D videos are far better than the images featured on a real estate website, and it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete. It enables the home buyer to explore each room thoroughly with the 360º movement. You can get a view of the room from every angle and perspective. This feature also allows you to move through space, however, you want and gives you a feel for the flow of a home. Some real estate agents also provide prospective buyers with the dollhouse view of the entire home to make you feel and understand the home.

Today, many agents have started using virtual tour technology and other cutting-edge tools at their disposal. If you are a hater of modern technology, you can begin with platforms like Skype, Facetime, Facebook, Zoom, and Skype.

Different Types of Virtual Showing

With a virtual showing, the buyer and the showing agent can view the property from remote without being physically present at the location. Virtual showing can be categorized into three different types.

  • Real-time Video Showing: The real-time video showing is done using streaming video technology.
  • Recorded Video Showing: A prerecorded video on any type of home walkthrough can be used for recorded video showing. The recorded video is shared with the home buyer using a video hosting platform.
  • Virtual Tour Showing: A virtual tour showing is a trend in which the selling agent shows the 360° view of the property listed using a virtual tour platform.

How to Create Virtual Tours for Your Home Listing

Real estate agents who are new to the concept of the virtual tour may be a bit nervous to try it out. But, the fact is, you don’t have to be a professional to create one. Before creating a virtual tour for your home listing, you must be familiar with the layout of your home and make a note on items that the home buyers are unable to see from your listing photos. The primary focus of the virtual tour is on the layout of the home listed, and you must make the home buyer feel like they are walking through the house.

While taking the video, ensure that all the lights are on and the doors are open. You must keep the doors open before recording the video to create a seamless video of the property. Follow the below steps while recording the video.

  • Act professional and start the video with you giving an introduction to the property.
  • Show the outside of the house and the neighborhood area.
  • Record a full tour of the home interior and open doors to closets, pantries, utility rooms. Also, take videos from different angles in the living room, kitchen, and family room.
  • Show off the home’s fixtures, finishes, and floors.
  • Describe everything the camera sees and highlight the features that may attract the buyers.

After recording the video, use a basic video editing tool to add a voice-over that helps buyers to get more insight into your video.

Tips to Sell More Homes with Video Marketing

  • Set aside an appropriate budget to create high-quality videos that attract buyers. If you don’t have enough budget to hire a professional service, there are different ways to develop an in-house video that won’t cost you more.
  • Home buying is a financial process, but it does include people’s emotions. So, make your videos more human by embracing the concept of storytelling and create an effective strategy for real estate marketing in NYC to win your client.
  • Don’t just show your home or apartment. Include the beautiful views of the neighborhood area, the lifestyle of the people in the city, and more to give buyers more insight into the location.
  • Did you know the testimonials from your past clients can influence the purchasing decision of the buyers? So, build trust among your audience by allowing someone else to do the talking for you.
  • Run campaigns that promote brand recognition and raise awareness about your location and services. Include a promotion strategy to your online marketing strategies for real estate agents for each video to help you place videos strategically.

Future Outlook

COVID-19 pandemic has transformed a virtual 3D tour from a luxury addition into a standard baseline expectation. It’s become an essential need of the time for real estate. The global pandemic will eventually pass, but the technological impact it has made on the real estate won’t be fading anytime soon. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with a virtual tour, the newest wave of real estate property buying, and video marketing to help businesses stay productive, streamlined, and profitable now and in the future. Talk to the professionals at real estate marketing agency in New York for more information.

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