What Are the Best Ways to Build Links through Content Marketing

Earlier, link building was all about quantity and not quality.  But today after several Google algorithmic updates, Quality link building is considered a thriving game to step up high in the rankings. If you are already working on a link building strategy, you must be aware that you can’t get backlinks instantly. Link building is a gradual process. Moreover, the pages that you intend to build links from must be of high quality and hold a high domain authority.

This is when Content Marketing comes in. You can create great contents in the form of – Blogs, Articles, Press Releases, Videos, infographics, podcasts, Ads etc. What is so good about this strategy when done appropriately is that, it will positively get your page to the top of the search results for specific keywords. Content marketing is the technique of creating valuable and relevant content to acquire potential audience with an objective of a profitable customer action.

Here are some ways to build links through Content Marketing as suggested by the Local SEO NYCexperts –

  • Guest Blogging – Most SEO consultant NYC have implemented Guest blogging to their content marketing strategy after witnessing the results of studies from HubSpot, where it states that “blogs generate an average of 97% more inbound links and 55% more site visitors.”If you have a clear cut strategy, you can generate lots of high quality links with this process.

How to identify the right blogging sites?                               

Though Guest Blogging can help you gain a lot of quality links, if you do it the wrong way, your website might get penalized. So, before you write the guest post for a specific website, you must first –

  1. Understand the blog’s audience
  2. Analyze the popular post and be aware of what content goes viral
  3. Get the picture of the blog’s user experience

The local SEO NYCexperts say that, you must always craft the contents based on the preference of the audience, if this is done, your page will have a greater reach among the people who most likely will get associated with it.

  • Infographics – Infographics still play a vital role in the link building strategy. The best thing about infographics is – they incessantly generate organic traffic towards the blog offering quality links, even when you don’t promote them. All you need is a good concept and a graphic designer to make the infographic for you. This is an effective content strategy which is hard to ignore.

According to Psychologist Jerome Bruner, “people remember only 10 percent of things they hear and only 20 percent of what they have read, around 80 percent of people remember things they see or do.”

  • Promote on Social Media – The ultimate goal of a content marketing strategy is to gain backlinks. For this you must have quality content on your page, as it helps create a social proof. When the visitors see that a particular content is popular on social media they are very likely to get linked to it. If your business is not yet active on social media, you are damaging your brand. So, keep your business profile live by sharing new posts, updates, and images every now and then.  The internet marketing agency New York says that when your business profile is active on social media, you can easily create engagement, thereby promoting your brand to a larger set of audience.
  • Building Broken Links – In case, if you are too busy to write contents for your blog or do a guest blogging, you can make use of the broken link strategy.

So how does this work?            

This strategy is very simple, all you have to do is simply search for the pages on the blogs with dead links/links that do not work anymore and request the webmaster to reinstate the links to a related content on your website. Now, this high-value page belongs to you, where you could acquire search engine optimization juice and a quality link.

  • Consistent Blogging – Always keep in mind that people will link to your brand naturally, only if your brand is recognizable. Though there may be different methods to promote your brand, gaining natural backlinks is the best technique. For this you will have to come up with new blog posts frequently, and you can see new links coming from high domain authority sites. Consistent blogging gets more attention for your website, this will also improve your SEO rankings.

According to optinmonster, “Companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites.”

  • Keyword Research–An efficient content marketing strategy should involve a meaningful keyword research. It is important to use this keyword to tactfully use in the content that you are going to write up. Make sure that the content is based on highly sought after topic based on the industry.
  • Check the Competitor’s Content Marketing Strategy–It is the aim of every business owner to stay on the top rankings of the Google search results. In case, if you find that your competitors are ranking high on the search results, they might be on the right track. You can stay in par with them too. There could be nothing influential like investigating on your competitors through the ‘competitive analysis’and understand where their natural links are emerging from.
  • Promoting in Relevant Niche Directories–Finding useful niche directoriesis the upright way to build the links. You must analyze if the links from those niche directories will make sense.These directories also offer you the opportunity to promote your brand, website and company details.
  • Collaborative Content Marketing–This is a great way to syndicate the ideas of experts from your industry to generate an informative piece of content for your website. Collaborating content not only saves your time and resources, instead it earns links naturally and creates social engagement. This happens because the experts who write for you have their own set of audience and platforms.

Your website’s link is one of the important factors which Google considers as an important factor to rank in the SERP results. So, be smart and have an effective strategy for your content marketing to build links in a positive way. Now that you know the guidelines, create an awesome content for your website or get it done by the professionals at local SEO NYC to leverage the power of content marketing!

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