What Are The Major SEO Changes Expected For 2020?

Major SEO Changes Expected For 2020

SEO is dynamic and keeps changing every time. To survive this cut-throat match, you must be equipped with the latest information. The year 2019 was all about digital marketing, with many noteworthy updates, fluctuations in keyword ranking, and improving user experience. Ultimately, change is the only consistent feature that can be predicted in SEO. And in order to get the maximum exposure for your brand in this digital world, it is essential that you need to stay aware of what the future of SEO search has in store for 2020. Though it is not possible to make precise predictions, there are a few techniques that are sure to stand out in the next days to come.

Here are the top SEO changes that are expected for 2020, according to the experts from internet marketing agency New York

  • BERT Algorithm – This algorithmic update was implemented in October 2019, which has affected about 10% of the search results. The BERT update is a forward leap in the Google search history, it emphasizes on comprehending with the long-tail queries. A lot of declining organic rankings were recorded after this algorithmic update. With the incorporation of BERT in 2020, it is widely expected that Google is attempting to take a great leap forward into making the search feature, all about intent matching, rather than string matching.
  • More focus on Building Brands – SEO is not just about link building, but it must be focused on building the brands. When you build your brand up, it will help gain authority and trust for the brand, which is the regulating factor of the search engines. So for 2020, you must make sure that you build your brand with a constructive white hat marketing approach, like social media, blogs, podcasts etc. When you take the steps to build brand, you are concurrently building links too. Yes, when you start building relationships with your prospective customers, you are inducing them to share your content, and social share means a lot for the search engines.
  • Integrating Speech Recognition Tool – This tool is available as a WordPress plug-in, and it is easy to incorporate to the blog section too. It helps improve the Dwell time, which is an important SEO factor. Due to the changing trends, people now love to listen to the contents rather than reading it, which is possible with the speech recognition tool.  It is anticipated that by 2020, about 55% of US homes will have access to a smart speaker. As long as your content is interesting and useful, your visitors will stick around your website. Since more people get engaged with your contents, there are chances that your content gets ranked higher.
  • Get Prepared for Zero-Click Searches – With this feature, Google aims to offer precise answers to the user’s query right at the SERP without them having to hunt beyond. How should we get ready for 2020? People usually look for the address and phone number, or an answer to a quick question. Those valuable clicks from your prospective leads are sure to get converted. So, identify the keywords that can bring you the right clicks. Make the Rank Tracker tool to the fullest extent so that you can locate, which keywords bring you maximum clicks, this way, you can optimize for the queries.
  • Rich and Featured Snippets – With zero-click searches gaining more importance, one way to stick out is to get ranked for the Rich or Featured snippets.  You are sure to get noticeable results with an increase in the CTR but, gaining position zero is very tricky. What can you do? You should be working more on the contents, and structure your data. You can get the help of the rank tracker tool and find the prospective keywords, also look out for the keywords which your competitors are already ranking for the Featured snippet. Keep in mind that even if you rank high on the SERPs, you might not necessarily get a place in the Rich or Featured snippets, so it is worth optimizing for them.
  • Changes in Local Searches –In the upcoming days, you must aim to cover the keyword ‘Near Me,’ ‘Phone Number,’ and ‘Phone Number.’ In case, if you are working on local SEO NYC for your business, you can get this by creating and optimizing ‘Google My Business page.’ But you must notice that your potential buyers will not just stop with the local searches, they will want to look up to your website for detailed information, which also stresses on the traditional SEO practices as well.
  • Neural Matching – This algorithm allows Google to better understand the user search query with local search intent, even without the business name or the description being included. Is this something to worry about for my local SEO NYC? No, there are not many changes required if your website is fully optimized.
  • Renovate your website for Rank Brain – It is the other name for Google’s machine-learning artificial intelligence system. So what is the primary purpose of Rank Brain? This Google search algorithm helps categorize the billions of pages and identifies the ones that are most significant for particular queries.
  • UX will influence Your Rankings – If your website does not comprehend the mobile version, then you are sure to lose your users in the coming year, as the usage of smartphones is increasing every day. Due to the technological advancements, people expect more from your website on their mobile devices. The interface has to be in a readable format, should be able to answer their search query, and keep them amused. Many studies have confirmed that 4 in 5 consumers conduct local searches on their mobile devices. Hence your website needs to have a mobile version to reach the prospective buyers, and stay in par with your competitors.
  • Videos – The millennial generation prefers to get information from the videos, even for academic purposes. Hence, implementing video online will prove to be radar for the business to attract users. Will this influence SEO? Yes, to make your videos reach the maximum number of viewers, you will have to use the relevant keywords in the description part as well as on the headline of your video, which will make sure that your video reaches the maximum number of people.

SEO is an inevitable feature of the businesses today, irrespective of the industry. So, you must stay updated with these trends. If you are already familiar with the above mentioned trends, it is time to strengthen them even more, so that you get more targeted traffic from Google. If you still have questions or need help with SEO services, speak to our SEO consultant NYC today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Industries Need SEO the Most?

Almost every business can benefit from SEO. Especially if your business has a product or service to offer, there is some active customer looking for it on the web.   It does not matter, if it is just a lead or the end customer. All that matters is, your visibility on the web, when your customers are looking for you. SEO makes this possible. With a tactful SEO strategy in place, your potential customers can find your business for the relevant search terms. Are you looking for local SEO NYC services? Call 516-666-7396 to know more.

How Do You Develop A Successful SEO Strategy?

In general, your SEO strategy should be tailored to your business needs, target market and resources. For this, it is necessary that you need to have a handful of primary keywords with an excellent search volume and higher search intent. Also, you must keep a track of the strategies followed by your competitors. Ultimately, you must have a clear plan, as SEO does not happen overnight. It will take some time to show results and your dedication to the strategy will define the level of success of your SEO campaign. Get the help of an expert local SEO NYC agency to develop a thriving SEO strategy for your business. Call 516-666-7396 to know more.

Does Social Media Affect SEO?

Search engines takes the positive social signals of the people, like – shares, pins, likes, views etc. as trusted & influential endorsements from the social channels like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Moreover, Social media is the best platform to promote your blog content and drive in people to your website to read the content, if they find it useful. You can also invite your social fans to write a review about your business with the help of social media. Thus, social media is a great influencer in SEO. Need more details on SEO? Discuss with an SEO consultant NYC today at 516-666-7396.

Why Is Image Optimization Important?

Images help a lot with SEO by enhancing the user experience on the website. For example, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, your customers are likely to leave the page. This is sure to significantly increase your website’s bounce rate, ultimately affecting your conversions. You need an expert SEO consultant NYC, specialized in on-page SEO to help with image optimization. Call 516-666-7396 for more details.

Can you Guarantee 1st Page Rankings?

Not immediately! Also, you should run away from any SEO agency that promises you Page 1 ranks within a short span. SEO is a complex set of tasks, with a lot of variables, which is beyond anyone’s control. Especially, the changing Google algorithms and your competitor’s strategy might also affect your rankings. Moreover, SEO keeps evolving and it never limits itself to a single strategy. All you have to do is consistently work on significant organic ranking factors and gradually keep improving your website for the keywords that you aim at. Discuss with the best internet marketing agency New York at 516-666-7396.

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