What Content Should I Use For YouTube During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

What Content Should I Use For YouTube During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

YouTube has witnessed a whopping upsurge of 15.3%, after the Government of various countries announced lockdowns. This increase in the usage has also forced YouTube to bring down the quality of its videos to standard definition on March 24, 2020. YouTube, which is considered to be the world’s second largest search engine, is a giant in the online space. So, it must be treated with due care by every PPC agency in NYC. At present, this is the most popular communicative platform to connect with the audience. However, many brands are now puzzled as to what type of content are the people watching, and why does it interest them.

According to a survey conducted by Channel Factory, “80% of respondents go to YouTube to improve their mood and 69% find the platform’s content more uplifting than other channels.” Moreover, 30% of consumers were watching authoritative news, 46% was looking out for music, and 40% like watching comedy. The survey also cited that 69% believed that YouTube offers more inspiring content than any other social channels.

How To’s

The best method of teaching must incorporate – visual, audio and kinesthetic methods. Anybody could learn when all these styles are combined. When there are so many videos on the same topic across the web, some people might propose easier methods when compared with others. This might be beneficial and easy for the needy.  A systematic YouTube video inspires you to carry out the work tactically, along with the presentation. It can turn out valuable to the people who are more inclined towards the kinesthetic methods. There are several ‘How To’ videos available on YouTube, which will help you, find anything that you would require. If you are looking to influence your customers, you can create ‘how to’ videos pertaining to your service/product, that will benefit your customers. However, if you require any help with content or video marketing, you can get in touch with PPC Queens NY.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are in trends now. This offers many chances to generate potential customers, who might make a purchase in future. Most people want to know the thoughts and feedback of the people on the products that they are intending to buy in future. People look up to at the social channels, only which they trust. Many researches have shown that people might probably make a buying decision, when they witness a positive review. Nowadays, YouTube is turning out to be the ideal medium to create a positive impact for the products and services. People tend to trust a product, when they see it being used by someone physically. If you are looking to create product reviews for your brand, get the help of Local SEO NYC, who will help you with product reviews from great influencers.


Vlogs are short weblog which many people have started off, mentioning what they carried out each day. This seems to interest many people, as people vlog on their daily routines, and how they manage things. They offer the same feel of that of an old diary. Many people on YouTube are popular for their engaging contents. The dialog on Vlogs is usually unscripted, and generally involves raw conversation that comes into the mind of the video maker. It is like a reality show on television. Many YouTube vlog channels possess a significant number of subscribers, and the vloggers are renowned for their contents.

Comedy Videos

There are some people who create comedy videos simply to have their audience entertained. There are so many comedy videos available online which can match your type. The most shared and sought after videos on the social media are the comedy videos. Comedy videos are all set to go thrive. It is said that some comedy channels on YouTube have got a considerable amount of audience than many comedy shows on the television channels.

Shopping Hauls

Most shopping lovers, delight in viewing people mentioning about shopping haul, which they could only imagine buying. May be you might have intended not to buy a product due to various personal reasons, but you can enjoy watching someone do that. The most popular videos related to shopping haul are – lifestyle, fashion and beauty. These videos offer a chance for the brands to engage in influencer marketing.

Unboxing of Products

Unboxing videos are a much sought after trend in the 21st Century. Unpredictably a huge set of audience love to watch a new product unpacked out of a box. This is actually the extension of the shopping haul, and product reviews. The fun in unwrapping and perceiving what is inside the box, gives an opportunity for the viewers to join with the expectation of seeing what is within the package. Most digital marketing experts say that these unboxing and haul videos can greatly impact the user buying decisions.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are a little different from the How To’s guides. Some big channels like National Geographic and TED share the contents of their organization on the channel. Even many small and large businesses share their educational videos on their social channels. These channels try their best to provide stimulating and thought-provoking videos for the children. This is an evergreen category, which gets new audience every year, and gets repeated visits as well. They only fade off, if education goes out-dated.


Pranks are the most commonly shared videos, especially on the social platforms.  These videos usually perform realistic jokes on family, friends and sometimes the public. These prank videos are a great way to form social media celebrities out of people. Not every prank are funny, sometimes these pranks can become controversial too. So any brand that is looking forward to connect with a prank channel, must make sure that their values match with those of the pranksters.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

If you are trying to reach a set of audience, you must well-targeted towards their interests. Meaning, you will have to tailor your contents to match the needs of the targeted audience, to successfully connect with them!

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