Why should you Build a Strong SEO Program During COVID-19

The outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 has created a global upheaval, which not only impinged on the daily lives of the people, but has also severely affected every industry. With the newly imposed government regulations to restrict the movement, most businesses are rethinking their approach to provide services virtually. This has prompted many business owners to focus on Search Engine Optimization.

According to a recent survey by Numerator, “1 in 3 consumers stated that the news of Coronavirus has already impacted their shopping behavior.” While Coresight Research has stated that 47.2%of US internet usersmentioned that they are avoiding shopping centers and malls during this pandemic period.

Due to these changes in user behavior, there is a great opportunity for SEO to drive an impact for the brand by creating effectual content to drive conversions and build their brand for a long term. According to Google Trends, the term ‘SEO’ has seen an upsurge in the searches in United Statesafter February 2020.

Why consider SEOfor your business during COVID-19?

Due to social distancing, most people are searching online more than they did earlier. Irrespective of the economic condition prevailing now, you want to establish your brand in the minds of the searchers when they are looking to make a buying decision. This is the reason why companies are keenly considering local SEO NYC now. Also, SEO is a smart and cost-effective investment now when compared with other mediums.

Tips to Build a Strong SEO Program this COVID-19

  • Create Informative Content That Builds Trust

Consumers look for transparency and trust in today’s environment. They look forward not just to trust the business, but also the people involved in the business. In this critical situation, it is important to earn the customer rather than acquiring. And the only way to achieve that is by establishing trust, which can be done through content which offers apt answers to their queries and improves their knowledge.

Having quality content on your website is the best way to drive visitors to improve the search engine rankings, site’s authority and relevance. There is no replacement for great content. So, tweak your web writing skills. Along with this, you will have to analyze and focus on relevant keyword phrases for each page on your site. Assume about what your customer might search for in a particularpage. Bold the keywords and use them on H1 tags and in different areas of the content in the most natural way. Don’t stuff the keywords. Never give upgood writing for the sake of SEO.The best pages are written focused on the user, and not for the search engines.If you require help with writing informative and quality content, get the help of SEO consultant Queens NY. Always remember, content is the most influential factor for the search engine rankings.

  • Manage Your Web Presence

The key to reach out to the customers this COVID-19 is to build ‘trust.’ The more trust you build with your content, the more likely will your users click on the content in the SERPs. That is why it is essential to manage your brand’s online presence during this crucial time. Here are a few tips from the experts at internet marketing agency New York to manage your brand’s online reputation during this COVID-19 phase –

  1. Work on Schema– updating your schema ensures that Google shows precise information about your brand in this rapidly-changing environment. You can also include event status schemato notify the customers with real-time informationabout changes to events and to make any special announcements.
  2. Keep your Google My Business page Updated – To keep your customers about the changes that you have made to your business operations, like hours and days of operation, services/products available or unavailable or changes to any basic information.
  3. Google Search Console – Web traffic coming from organic search, is an important sign of how and where the demand for your products has moved. The increase or decrease in traffic can show you what kind of information is important for your customers.
  4. Social Media–Keep looking for COVID-19 related topics that are appropriate for your business. You can make use of user intentand social data to understand audience demographics.
  • Inspect Your Upcoming Content & Campaigns

Now, if you have already worked on your content, it is time to audit your upcoming campaigns as the second step. You must show empathy and compassionfor your audience during this period of crisis. It is important for the people working on local SEO NYC also to stay updated on consumer sensitivities. During this COVID-19 period, SEO is more important than technical SEO.

Link Worthy Website

Aim to create appropriatelinksinside the content. Make sure that the content is rich with appropriate keywords, as it will upsurge your search engine ranks, and improve the ranking of the page it is linking to. Make sure to use descriptive links by combining the keywords, as it adds value to the readers.

Have a Dedicated Coronavirus Page

If your business is heavily impacted by COVID-19, you must consider creating a page dedicated to COVID-19, which includes all relevant information related to Coronavirus statistics/facts, and link to the key areas of your website.

Develop More Video Content

Since people spend more time at home due to social distancing, they spend more time at home watching YouTube and other streaming services. So, consider developing more appropriate video contentto get in front of the users. You can take help from SEO insightsfor the video topics and stay mindful of the best topics that you can create videos.


Update your FAQ ContentAppropriately. Analyzeyour customer serviceand FAQ pages, to ascertain that it adds some value. You can also add upnew FAQs related to Coronavirus.

Use Social Distancing when Messaging

When writing any content or creating any message during this period, be thoughtful to include facts of social distancing. Consider sometopicsaround yourservice or product so that users benefit during the time of isolation. Be careful with the information you convey, regarding the COVID-19 guidelines.

It’s a misfortune for the entire world, as so many lives are affected by this pandemic. Many human lives, jobs, businesses and even numerous relationships have wreckedbecause of coronavirus. However, humanitymustsurvive on.Remaining indoors will keep you safe and hopefully, this pandemic will come to an end soon. Let us get ready to rebuild our lives and economy!

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